Saturday, December 12, 2009


Our 3 great grands. Cohen Joseph Arroues, 3+ months, Paisley Lynn Arroues, 3+ years, Paityn Taylor Barr, 3+ months. Wanted to show our great blessings right here as a farewell to this blog. I've found that facebook is really more to my liking. I see that those bloggers I check in on rarely post anything, as neither do I. it's been fun


Making a gingerbread house withgreat granddaughter Paisley - an annual event in her brief 3+ years. Grampy had to get in that picture, too! Grammy got worn out and rested with little brother Cohen.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Our date yesterday - never have been on the other side of the Payette River They are rather the same views as from the highway, of course, but it's a relaxing 2 1/2 hour ride with ice cream at the half-way point. I've heard they have a 1/2 hour pumpkin patch trip in the fall; that would be a great way to spend time with a certain little 3-yr-old we know. :o) A word about dating: We've always believed married couples should keep dating, of course! This week we decided to try something a little different: we'll trade off planning our weekly times out alone together. This was my week, and we both loved the fact it was something different, tho the RR is not something we'll probably do again. It was Senior day, and a busload from a local retirement community, Bonaventure, was there, too.